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How to Spend Less Time on Social Media - What Has Worked for Me

Social Media is useful for many reasons including connecting with family/friends, researching for school, getting out of awkward situations, and stalking your favorite celebrities. As a Blogger, social media is very beneficial for me and I love connecting with you guys!💙 However, spending too much time on social media is not good for me, you or anyone else. It can take up too much time and you won't even realize. Here are some ways to spend less time on social media (that have personally worked for me!). 

1. Figure out how much time you're spending on social media

Grab your phone and go on the app which allows you to track your screen time usage. Look at the numbers and work out what they mean. For instance, if you spent three hours on your phone, how much of that time was spent scrolling through Instagram? How much was spent watching TikTok videos? Is there something else you could have been doing with that time? This tends to be an eye-opener for some people and can enable them to utilize their time more wisely. 

2. Turn off notifications

Sometimes notifications can get a bit too much and turning them off can allow you to get other tasks done. Ask yourself this question - Do I really need to have my phone vibrate every time my favourite YouTuber posts a video? Notifications can distract you and let's not forget - they are annoying! Turn off your notifications for a while and instead, decide when you want to check social media, rather than letting social media tell you when. You will feel more at peace.  

3. Don't go on your phone for a couple of hours 

In conversation with Nkem from WellSpringWords: The Podcast, she found out that I only check my phone every four hours and like many people, was stunned (listen to the episode here). Making this a habit is one of the best decisions I've made. There has been more time to focus my attention on other things that are a priority in my life. If you have trouble with this, start by not checking your phone every 15 minutes, then gradually increase it to 30 minutes, 1 hour, and so on. Remember, if someone really needs to speak to you, they will call. 

4. Put your phone on Do Not Disturb mode

I mentioned this in my How to Spend Less Time on Your Phone blog post and hands down, one of the best ways to spend less time on social media too. You can set this mode to any time you like (during working hours, when you're winding down at night, studying for an upcoming exam, etc) and you will stop receiving notifications during that time period. It WORKS WONDERS.  

5. Don't check social media when you're out

It's common respect to not check social media when you're out with someone (unless you really have to!) so make this a habit. Live in the moment and make memories with whoever you're with because you won't get the chance to relive that experience again. I guarantee you will have better conversations, longer meals, and more fun.

6. Remove social media apps from your first page

Having social media apps be so accessible can lead you to visit the apps more often than you think. To tackle this, simply move your apps onto another page so it's not present every time you unlock your phone. On my first page, I have all the productivity apps which means I have to put in more effort to find the social media ones (21st-century problems haha). Try this hack and compare how much time you spend on social media apps. 

7. Communicate via phone call more often

Reduce how much time you communicate with family/friends on social media by having more phone calls. This will prevent you from going on social media and will only develop your communication skills of course 😌 So, next time someone wants to DM/tweet/mention you, ask them to call instead. It will make all the difference in your day. 

How do you spend less time on social media?

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