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How to Spend Less Time on Your Phone

If you're someone who's constantly on their phone and 'cannot live without it' then i'm here to tell you that you can - just spend less time on it 😊  On average, people spend 5 hours on their phone everyday which is insane if you think about it! And more time is spent on social media. Be the boss of your phone instead of your phone being the boss of you.

Today i'm going to be sharing 5 ways on How to Spend Less Time on Your Phone.

1. Don't check your phone as soon as you wake up.
I used to be that person who checked my phone as soon as I woke up so i'm telling you, amazing things start to happen when you don't. You live in the present and have the morning to do whatever you please. Instead, I head straight to the bathroom to do my skincare. I mentioned in my Morning Habits post that I don't check my phone until about 9:30am (I wake up at 8:30am) and even then, I spend under 15 minutes on it. So if you haven't already, start implementing this change and look at the difference it makes to your day.

2. No notifications on your lock screen.
I turned off my lock screen notifications about two years ago because as soon as I saw it, I wanted to unlock my phone immediately. And once you're in this mindset, it starts to form a habit which you can't seem to get out of. If you don't have notifications on there, you're not tempted to unlock your phone. Simple.

3. No social media on the first page.
You're more tempted to go on social media if the apps are easily accessible. Instead, have productivity apps on your first page so you're not tempted to open social media apps and spend unnecessary time scrolling. It makes such a difference and you'll only notice this difference when the apps aren't there. If you really want to, limit how many social media apps you have to start with. 

4. Remove email.
It's surprising how many times people go on their phone and check emails straight away. For some people, notifications make them anxious which is completely understandable. Use your email on your desktop instead. That way you're not bombarded with email notifications as soon as you unlock your phone - or move the email app to another page. You can also dedicate a certain amount of time to checking your emails and then return to what you were doing.

5. Do not disturb mode.
Hands down one of the best features on smart phones. Mine is set from 7pm to 7am. Sometimes I do miss phone calls (sorry guys 👀) but it's not the end of the world. You can set your 'favourite' or 'emergency' contacts on your phone so that way you can still receive calls but from people who you talk to regularly (family members, manager etc). Here's how to do it on iPhone: Settings > do not disturb > turn it on. You can choose your scheduled times and the option to 'allow favourites' so it's great.

And finally, i'm going to end on this: "Do more things that make you forget to check your phone"💗


  1. Great tips! I've heard about not checking the phone as soon as you wake up but I should try it out and see fowr my self! Thanks for sharing ��

    1. It honestly makes such a difference to your morning! Please try it out :)

  2. I'm good about not checking my phone as soon as I wake up, but I need to try your other suggestions! I've cut my screen time from five hours down to two-ish. :-)

    1. That's so good! You're going to have more time to do other things :)

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