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What Hardships Can Teach You

Hardships. Something we all go through in life. I've had my fair share of hardships in the last couple of years and through every hardship, I've learned a valuable life lesson which I want to share with you. In hopes that these life lessons will help you next time you're facing a hardship. 

1. Something needs to change

I'm quite stubborn and feel like whatever I'm doing is the definite, right way. However, I've learned if something is continually happening, it's time for change to take place. Clearly, what I'm doing in the moment isn't working. You can only try to make something right in a certain number of ways. So, instead of looking at external factors and blaming them, look at yourself and see if there's anything you can do to improve the situation. Whether it would be changing your habits, changing your technique, changing your reaction. You need to change something in order to overcome the hardship. 

2. You can control the way you see things

Yes, we can't control what happens to us but we can control how we see the situation. As soon as you understand this, it will make things so much smoother and you will be able to respond accordingly. Next time you're frustrated, angry, or hurt, allow yourself to feel like this for a moment but don't allow yourself to continuously feel like this. See the situation in a different light and deal with the matter then. And then see what happens. 

3. You're stronger than you think

Every hardship you go through makes you a stronger person. It prepares you for what's to come and how to deal with future hardships. The fact that you've gone through a hardship and come out the other end, means you're strong and you can deal with whatever life throws at you. Really believe that you're strong, and utilize this strength to deal with any hardship you face in life. 

4. Appreciating what you already have

Sometimes when we're going through a difficult time, we often lose sight of appreciating what we already have. Sit down one day (or how often as you like) and make a list of all the things you're appreciative of. Remind yourself of these things and watch how your mood and outlook on life changes. This will make going through any hardship that bit easier. 

5. Realising who your true friends are 

It's not until you go through a hardship that you realize which friends stayed and helped you get through it and which friends disappeared and left you to it. I learnt this life lesson three years ago and thank God I did. If they are your true friends, they will stay no matter what, otherwise they will go and you will try to figure out why. So surround yourself with people who respect you and will never leave you when things get tough. 

6. Recognizing what's actually important to you 

One of the blessings of hardships is that it makes you think and reflect if certain things are actually important to you and if they are worth your attention. If it isn't important, l e t I t G o. Don't be afraid to do so either. Make room for things in your life that are actually important to you. Focus on those things and don't let anyone/anything get in the way of it. It's your life. 

7. What is this teaching me? 

Different hardships will teach you different things. It may take you a short while or a long while to understand what exactly you're being taught in that moment. Whatever it is, bear that in mind next time you go through a hardship. And remember, a hardship is not a hardship if it doesn't teach you anything. 

Adeeba x

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