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Returned to blogging ^

After repeatedly sending emails to the designers of my original site, and then emailing a new designer, my blog is FINALLY LIVE!! It feels so good💗 But yes, I'm back and i'm here to stay. 

You might be wondering 'your break was almost 2 years' and yes, it was. I'll be honest, I was just planning on not blogging in my final year at uni because of the workload but the following summer I was dealing with personal issues and before you know it I was in Coventry, doing a masters 😯 So.. a lot has happened but as of now i'm finishing my masters (13,000 word dissertation is not the one) looking for a job (which is VERY stressful) and spending time with my little sister who has finally finished her GCSE exams!

Anyway for those of you who don't know me: Hey, i'm Adeeba, 22 years young, from Luton, studied in the Midlands and I like to write. I was on the phone to a close friend recently and we were talking about our passions. She suggested for me to start blogging again and at first, I thought 'who's going to read my blog posts?' but then I started thinking and realised how much I did love it. So I created a new website and logo and purchased a few tools. I was about to go live until I published a draft post. Next thing you know the layout was too wide and the text was everywhere! After trying to resolve the issue and not getting anywhere I reached out to Kotryna Bass. She brought my vision to life and ensured the site looked professional ❤

I have a tone of new ideas planned and can't wait for you guys to see new content. AND I might be collaborating with a Luton Youtuber which we are so excited about btw and will let you know nearer the time!

Expect to be reading and seeing a lot more of me here on my blog and Instagram now :)
Have a nice evening.

Adeeba x

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