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What To Do In Quarantine

Hey guys - it's been a while 😌  I got my first job in September after completing my Masters degree and was so busy that I decided not to blog until I could devote more time to it. Now that i'm working from home and we're all in Quarantine, it's the perfect time to get up and running again (outfit pics will be posted when this is all over).

Today i'm going to be giving you ideas on what YOU can do whilst in Quarantine. I'm sure you've read plenty of articles on this but THIS is what i've been doing.                                                                                                                                

1. Create a cozy corner in your room! 

You can go on Pinterest for more inspiration. I laid down a blanket, threw some cushions together and wallah it was done! If your anything like me and sit in your bed all day - this is the perfect alternative. Don't forget to grab a mug of tea!

2. Video call your friends

Since we can't hangout with our friends outside why not hangout with them inside? It's important to check up on your friends to see how they're doing given the circumstances. An app i've been loving is Houseparty - a face-to-face social network. You can play games with your friends too! Download it if you haven't already ^


Why not use this free time to enhance your baking skills? Grab a bowl and get creative 😄 I made an Oreo Sundae and Chocolate Peanut Butter Squares the other day. I also learnt to make Oreo Balls. It's so simple and another dessert you now know how to make.

4. Watch home videos 💗

My dad put our home videos on recently it was SO CUTE. It's the best time to revisit your childhood and cherish all the memories you created. You can look back at all the good times and smile. They make me emotional e v e r y time and I always fall asleep in the best mood. 

Me (right) age 4 and my brother (left) age 2 

5. Exercise

Whether you're going for a walk, run or doing yoga - exercise is great. I love to go on hikes (not many are aware) get my heart racing, take a breath of fresh air and witness the beautiful nature around. 

If you have any other ideas leave them in the comments below :)
Stay safe guys. This will all be over soon xx 



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