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Behind The Scenes: A Blogger Photoshoot

Instagram makes taking photos look so easy. You put on a nice outfit, pose for the camera and BAM the photo is taken. But for bloggers this is a different story. There's a lot more that goes into our photoshoots which not many people know about 😉 So today I want to share how its like behind the scenes - what you don't see. Shoutout to my cousin (who's a skincare influencer) for being in this photoshoot with me! We had a fab day and took a bunch of photos with different poses for you guys. And having a photoshoot is a lot of fun. Also, i'm on the lookout for nice backgrounds to take photos against in my town so if you know of any cool places please let me know! That being said - onto the post :) 
The first thing to consider is the purpose behind a photo or the type of message you want to convey to your readers. For example, this photoshoot with my cousin started off by taking photos of our outfits. So I thought why not take cute outfit pics for instagram AND write a blog post about photoshoots. Makes sense? That means people can gain inspiration from our outfits and understand what happens at a blogger photoshoot.

The second thing to consider is your outfit. I mean you have to dress the part right? 😛 This determines the type of blog post you will be writing about or according to the weather! The weather was quite nice the day of our photoshoot so I decided to opt for a light pink blouse with light jeans and sandals. Say your blog post is 'summer outfit ideas' then you will wear outfits appropriate for summer. If your blog post does not require your physical presence (i.e. a blog post on 'my 2019 reading list') then you can skip this step.

The third thing is the props and equipments for your photoshoot. Props might involve a pair of sunglasses, a Starbucks cup etc to pose with. I posted an instagram story the other day of my cousin taking an outfit picture and included my TriPod. Alongside my iPhone, a tripod is the only blogging equipment I use to take photos which you can purchase here. Let me know if you would like to see a blog post on how I take my photos.

The fourth thing is the location. Me and my cousin shot at a shopping centre which had an outside area and was perfect. We received a number of stares and funny facial expressions but CONFIDENCE IS KEY. Plus, we were posing in front of the tripod so you naturally would expect people to look. Try to take photos in different locations or here's a tip: with different backgrounds. You could be in the same location and take five different photos but with different backgrounds. Since its summer, try taking photos in a park or outside somewhere.

The final thing to consider is how to pose. We tried out a bunch of poses (as you can tell) for fun and to see which photos looked good. I thought i'd share a few throughout this blog post so you get an idea of how its really like! Personally, I think posing in front of walls are great because they provide a 'background' to your post and tells the reader that little bit more about your photo.

I hope you enjoyed today's blog post and have gained a better understanding of what its like at a blogger photoshoot. I'd love to know what your photoshoots are like. Let me know in the comments below💕 


  1. I love the behind-the-scenes look at your photoshoot! A lot of these tips are the same as the photoshoots I do for my blog too. Although I definitely need to get better about bringing props to use. It's so hard to figure out what I want my photos to look like so I never know what props to get.

    Charlotte |

    1. Thankyou! And yeah props are a hard one but you can literally pose with anything! Haha x

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